Latigres Vitrified Pvt.Ltd. is leading manufacturers and exporters of Double Charged Vitrified Tiles.

Latigres Vitrified

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Welcome to Latigres, a repository of tile industry's latest designs, technology & aesthetic philosophy. Since the beginning of time, human civilizations endeavored to transcend the limits of reality, pursuing the quest to achieve a state of pure perfection, whether in knowledge or material sciences, At Latigres, our quest continues ceaselessly, yet not aimlessly, as we seek to achieve the highest levels of opulent, luxuriant & aesthetic perfection.

Our ultimate strength lies in innovation, research, design, and most importantly, the zeal to create unparalleled quality. Our vision doesn't suffer myopia of financial numbers, but rather it is broadminded ethos that makes every product of ours unique in itself, meeting customer requirements and adding value to the ceramic industry.


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600x600mm | 800x800mm | 600x120mm Double Charge Vitrified Tiles

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